Get A Handle On NFL betting


Every football fan enjoys supporting a favorite team. Fans go to the extent of picking several players and follow their career with pleasure. Such loyalty deserves cheering and admiration.

Just at it is fun to follow and support a team, it is also heart-breaking whence following a team or player that never enjoys any good tidings. When it comes to betting and placing free bets, punters are caught between going with a winning mind or a loyalty mind-set.

Below we differentiate for you're the difference between choosing a winning team and why loyalty doesn't always pan out before you place free bets online.

Loyalty or Winning

Whether you are just a gambler or a fantasy sports manager, you need to consider how serious you are about winning. If you prefer team loyalty to winning, then your betting choice is acceptable; however, you need to know how much sacrifice you are making by following your heart.

On the other hand, if winning is the principle, then just your brain should take over critical decisions and your heart should adopt a back seat.

That means; when it boils down to drafting a fantasy football league or selecting individual players to form a team for everyday money contest, to achieve wins, you have to choose the grandest reality based team.

Being statistically prepared and putting loyalty on the side is the difference between winning and losing. Why? Statistics never lie, and your brain is better at making such decisions than your heart will ever be.

As a fantasy team manager; your only job involves selecting the best players at all times if you want to be winning and not losing money.

Wagering Football

Loyalty equals foolishness in sports betting. A little harsh yes, but the truth is, loyalty will only mean that you keep wasting your money betting on a team that is always on the losing end. In football; money lines muddy the water just so!

When and if odds reflect the losing team's winning chances, there is a slight chance showing a profit betting on a consistent team. However, you should back such a team only when the payoff exceeds the amount you wager on the team over time.

But beware of the opportunity cost that comes along after selecting a bet over another. Loyalty to a team translates to placing a wager without having conducted the necessary study on the remaining matches on the list.

Such loyalty is fatal, and it usually ends up costing you, money instead of making you money.

Being on Top of Things

If you search within yourself and find out that you can use your head as opposed to following your heart, you will jump start your chances of winning consistently.

Moreover, thanks to the advent of fast mutating technology, you can access extensive data online, and you can use it to create the dream team.

The thing is, if you want to make money on your wagers and graduate to making free bets on free bets online websites, you have to think from a business perspective and not from a personal viewpoint. Be wise and teach yourself how to make the right NFL betting choice!


John Hawthorne is a football wizard. As a football fanatic, John learns what he can from watching sports and going through the analytical data with a fine toothed comb. John's passion and dedication have seen him work for free bets giant