The Different Types of Horse Racing Bets Explained

There are many different ways to win with horse racing bets. This article outlines the most popular ways in which people are betting on these spectacular bets online:

1. A Single

A Single is a bet placed on 1 selection in 1 event. The outcome you select must be the one which occurs in order for you to see a return.

2. An Each Way

This bet has you wagering on a horse to either Win or Place. Bear in mind, however, that the term Place will vary depending on the kind of race you are wagering on and the amount of runners taking part. The Place portion of this bet will pay out at 1/4 of the Win Odds, with a 1 unit Each Way wager costing 2: 1 for the Win and 1 for the Place.

Should the horse you selected win at odds of 8/1, the 1 Win portion of your bet will be multiplied 8 times, and returned to you along with the original 1, equalling a payout of 9. And the 1 Place portion of the stake is multiplied by ¼ of the odds, which would make 8/1 2/1. This will be returned to you along with the original 1 unit you bet, making for a payout of 3 on that portion of the wager, thus making your total return 12 for your online betting efforts.

If your horse finishes 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th, the Win portion of the Each Way bet is lost, and only the 1 Place portion will be multiplied by a ¼ of the odds, which means you would take home 3.

Number of Placed Positions:

● 2 to 4 runners will not have Each Way betting available
● Races with between 5 and 7 runners will only pay out for the 1st 2 places
● 8 or more runners will see the first 3 places paying out
● 16 or more in a handicap race will have the 1st 4 places paying out

3. Accumulators

Accumulators are also called Roll-Ups or Accas, and are made up of 1 bet requiring any number of selections, but 1 in which each of your selections will have to win in order for you to see a return. The winnings will be calculated by putting all of the money on the 1st selection, and then having the winnings from that 1 placed on the next. Examples of Accumulators are Doubles and Trebles.

A Double is an Accumulator bet made up of 2 selections, and a Treble is composed of 3. After that they are generally known as 4-Fold Accumulators, 5-Fold Accumulators and so on. These bets require punters to be well versed in horse racing and to know the horses, tracks, jockeys and trainers incredibly well.

4. Trixie

A Trixie bet is made up of 4 bets which are in turn made up of 3 selections in different events. This bet will include 3 Doubles and 1 Treble. In order for you to see a return at least 2 of your selections will need to be successful.

Begin with simple bets, then when you are ready, move on to those that are more complex, and ultimately may be more rewarding!