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The tip of the iceberg is at a referee and an entrepreneur, although other football judges were added to the list of suspects.

Brazilian football news again, unfortunately not the results produced by notable figures, but the maneuver began handling researched sports scores, in order to ensure excellent dividends in sports betting online.


There is a new episode in the world of football, but part of what continuity is a sad case that erupted in Germany, Italy and Brazil had already protagonist. Now figure that gained greater exposure in the media has been Edison Pereira de Carvel, who was part of the Brazilian squad selected for Fife referees, who is accused of selling results in some games he got to play. Go for forex trading online with one of the finest forex website

A participation in a scheme of manipulation of results in order to favor the bettors, add the name of employer Nagy Fayyad, as articulator system. In principle are suspect some league matches and Brazilian Paulette, but have also added other complaints by the Copal Liberators, the most prestigious club tournament in the continent.

While prosecutions are recent, it was learned that investigators justice authorized wiretaps had been doing for the past six months. Some estimates for the profit that generated the maneuver, set in about 400,000 reads ($ 180,000) the utility obtained bettors on each date, each party while the referee was settled for $ 4,500.

His reaction is linked to a recent match between Corinthians and Sao Paulo, defined for the visitors in the final minutes, after running a bad criminal penalties.