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Historically, the winners and popular clubs in the country have been Millionaires, America de Coli, Athletic National and Depurative Coli. A notch below are Junior, Santa Fe, Independent Medallion Once Callas. Finally and although only won a title, Deports To lima has marked a very attractive style of play in recent times. The runner-up in 2010 and achieved commendable interests in the international arena speaks for itself.


Contrary to what happens in places like Argentina, Mexico and Peru, for example, Colombia does not have an exclusive version by any of the sports books that operate online today. The above situation requires those who want to bet from this country to choose between the different variants based on the Old Continent, which-by start-leads to the impossibility of playing with Colombian pesos. Anyway, the betting fans and mainly football, dare to challenge and try their luck with options such as Bet, Bin and Sporting bet, which cover three football coffee without intermissions.

Regarding the sports of choice for the Colombian football is practically steals all the attention. And not only committed to the League Pontoon (so called First Division championship), but there is a very high and strong interest in tournaments such as Spain, Italy, England and Argentina, among the highlights. When it comes to the league promptly Argentina, attention that there are answers to a long list of plays Colombian footballers.

In any of the houses mentioned, the registration process is very accessible. The same is true when it comes to deposit funds and withdraw. The methods are generally preferred Money bookers and Kneeler, two electronic versions that are currently often used for money transfers, regardless of the gambling world.