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Judge intervened Antonia de Paula Farad, who said they found sufficient evidence to hold the accused for the manipulation of results, which felt "frustrated fun, corrupts faith in sport and wearing the Brazilian people." Immediately afterwards, and like dominoes were falling other tabs: the referee Paulo Jose Dandelion also recognized have been tempted by bribes, while driving the possibility that other referees will result called for justice.


As soon as he was released he was surrounded by many journalists from all media, the referee began to give their explanations, when he was suddenly attacked by a fan of Corinthians. The said angrily called 'Elise'. Mixed among journalists took the opportunity to have their minutes of fame. "I am very upset with what happened, I felt the need to hit" he said. Know how to make money Trading Forex and Binary options online.

Somehow that explains the reaction of her attacker. It's a classic lose in the final minutes of play, a penalty kick goal as doubtful, is the worst thing that can happen to a football fan. In principle there are eleven matches played by the 'Brasilia' (national championship) who were questioned and subjected to the analysis of the Court of Sports Justice.

While at first they said that he would hold the results of the games for which no certainty that the results were accommodated in recent days began to explore the possibility of their annulment and play them again. Late last week, the judge freed Edison, pending trial, in recognition of his cooperation with
the process. The referee admitted his role in the distortion of the results, but argues that he was forced to act that way because his family was threatened.